About us

Plastigum AG is a medium-sized company with its headquarters and production site in Diessenhofen, Switzerland. Since its foundation in 1957, production has been continuously expanded and modernized. Today, we advise manufacturing companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, plant engineering and the industrial fittings sector. We supply molded rubber parts, composite parts made of rubber and metal, rubber parts in combination with PTFE or fabrics as well as hybrid diaphragms made of several rubber qualities. Customized and made to measure.

Heike Berchtold


Urs Zeller

Head of Production, Member of the Board

Dr. Jérôme Lefèvre

Head of Development, Member of the Board

Urs Schönenberger

Head of Technology, Member of the Board

René Möckli

Project Manager Technical Sales

Beat Naumann

Project Manager Technical Sales