From development to delivery – we have everything under one roof. At our site in Diessenhofen, we combine traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology to produce molded rubber parts of the highest quality and professionalism. Every step of the production process is carefully monitored by our team to ensure that your requirements are fully met.

01 Development

In our development department, we lay the foundations for the manufacture of every elastomer product. This is where our specialists determine the formulation for the compound, the shaping of the blanks and the processing requirements for the subsequent production process. Each new compound is adapted to the specific requirements of its area of application. 

We have extensive compounding expertise and around 500 compounds that we have developed and tested over the decades. In particular, we have certified compounds in our range for the food sector FDA or drinking water applications KTW. Contact us for further approvals.

02 Technology

We advise you with a suitable tool design as early as the development phase of the article. We design the tools with the required specifications and manufacture them in our own tool shop. If necessary, we can also call on external partners. This makes us fast and flexible - you will have the first prototypes in your hands after just a short time.

03 Rubber Compounding

In our rubber mixing plant, formulations are produced precisely to individual development requirements. From the precise mixing of the individual ingredients to the careful kneading of the rubber, we place the utmost importance on quality and precision in every step of the process. Of course, we can realize any desired color according to LAB or RAL and can even produce pure mixtures on our rolling mills. As a reliable partner, we also offer unvulcanized compounds in various delivery forms.

04 Preparation of fittings

In this production step, we prepare the metal parts to be connected with rubber to ensure maximum stability and durability. We also take care of the surface preparation of the metal, for example professional sandblasting and coating. This ensures that the surfaces are optimally prepared and that the connection between metal and rubber is longlasting.

As a customer, you have the choice: you can either supply the metal parts to be processed or we can purchase them for you according to your requirements. We pay great attention to operate locally and regionally wherever possible in order to ensure short delivery times and sustainable procurement. 

In addition to metal, we also combine rubber with thermoplastics/plastics such as PTFE and fabrics.

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05 Rubber molding / injection molding

This is where your rubber is shaped: depending on the part geometry, the quantity, the compound or the size of the molded articles, we produce using the most suitable process. In compression molding, transfer molding or injection molding. Our machinery offers the capacity to produce flexibly and at short notice. We vulcanize both pure rubber moulded parts and, for example, rubber-metal parts, rubber with PTFE or hybrid parts made from different rubber qualities.

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06 Flash off

Your molded rubber parts are finished in the trimming department. An additional tempering process is used to optimize the molecular or microstructure of the rubber, depending on the compound. The sprouts are removed with a high degree of skill, either manually or mechanically, and some items are cleaned again. On request we can assemble your delivery directly into your own packaging - individually or in blisters, in bags or in cartons.

  • I am Urs Zeller

    As Head of Production, the employees, the products and the technology are close to my heart. My many years of experience, together with the support of the production managers and employees, allow us to work successfully as a team every day. Our actions and what we do with our hands can only succeed with a good level of understanding and enthusiasm for each other, the material and the technology - in other words: SHAPING TOGETHER.


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