Our first-class and customized elastomer solutions are suitable for use in a wide range of markets and industries. Depending on the requirements, we develop an individual rubber compound – with or without certification – and process the product precisely so that it can withstand extreme conditions.

Pharmaceuticals and medical technology

Molded rubber parts in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology must meet high quality standards in order to ensure the safety, effectiveness and reliability of the products. Our high-quality elastomer products are resistant to extreme temperatures, steam, disinfectants and sterilizing agents. We cover a wide range of different specifications. Get in touch with us.

Food industry

The regulations for the production of food and beverages have been extended in recent years. We develop elastomer parts from certified compounds that are suitable and approved for contact with food or drinking water applications. In plant, apparatus and mechanical engineering for the food industry or in the sealing and fittings sector for drinking water applications. Wherever fast solutions with individual part production are required, we bring our know-how to bear for you.

Building services engineering

Molded rubber parts are used in the field of building technology to protect against noise or sound emissions, vibrations or moisture ingress. Depending on the area of application and environment, there are also challenges such as weather influences, temperature fluctuations or UV radiation. Sufficient strength and elasticity are required to withstand mechanical loads. We find the right mix.

Transportation technology

In mobility, elastomers reduce emissions by sliding, damping, cushioning and absorbing vibrations in a targeted manner. Thanks to various vulcanization processes, we can adapt our elastomer products precisely to the prevailing conditions - whether at the temperature or load limit. Is your requirement in the realm of the impossible? Together we will find a solution.


Applications in the chemical industry are subject to challenging process requirements. The molded rubber parts must not only withstand extremely high or low temperatures but also be resistant to chemicals such as acids, alkalis or solvents. Added to this are requirements such as extreme pressures, sealing capability, long-term ageing resistance and resistance to aggressive or abrasive media. Reliable functionality by selecting the right compound is the key issue. We will be happy to advise you. 

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