Our expertise is a far-reaching added value for our customers. with our core competencies We meet high customer requirements . These are, in particular, consulting, process development, specific mix development and production, individual mold design and implementation as well as production in our versatile plant park. And all this from a quantity of one.

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Our strengths


We develop and implement individual mixing and molding solutions to meet our customers' requirements. We combine experience and expertise at all process stages and make this available to our customers without restriction. The aim is to understand and support the customer and to develop solutions that are perfectly suited to the customer's specific application. At every stage of the process, the focus is on optimizing costs and benefits for the customer.

Speed & flexibility

We are happy to take on our customers' challenges. Together, we quickly develop customized solutions. Always with the aim of producing the individualized product with the required quality at a fair price. With the entire vertical range of manufacture in-house, from the raw material to the finished product, our experienced team has short lines of communication. This allows us to react flexibly and quickly - even for last-minute or time-critical orders.

Swiss quality

Our employees ensure consistently high quality with our constantly updated machinery. We can handle parts of series production efficiently by using a robot. But custom-made products and manual work are also part of our daily routine. Every part is handled and visually inspected. For the best Swiss quality.

Advice & know-how

We have been at home in the world of rubber for over 60 years. With our in-depth knowledge of elastomers and their areas of application, we can provide our customers with the best possible technical advice and support in the solution-finding process. In particular, our many years of experience allow us to act with foresight and always in line with customer requirements.

Our technical experts in R&D, Technology, Production and Sales are happy to be in direct and personal contact with you.

Personal & close

People are behind our individual solutions. Be it on the customer side, where people formulate the requirements and needs of their products, or in our team, where people put their heart and soul into creating the best possible customer products every day. We strive to always be able to offer our customers the right contact person, because we are convinced that two people who speak the same language will achieve success more efficiently.

  • I am Dr. Jérôme Lefèvre

    The opportunity to develop materials that have extraordinary properties and can withstand the most extreme conditions fascinates and motivates me every day. My passion as Head of Development is to contribute my material and process knowledge to customer projects in order to create the most durable products possible.

We are happy to advise you personally.

René Möckli

Project Manager Technical Sales

Beat Naumann

Project Manager Technical Sales