New Drinking Water Ordinance


Are you ready for the new Drinking Water Ordinance from 2025?

From 1 March 2025, the new KTW assessment basis (KTW-BWGL) Annex D will come into force. These stricter guidelines are necessary to ensure that materials that come into contact with drinking water fulfil the highest quality standards.

Plastigum AG has already converted the first compliant moulded rubber parts to series production in accordance with the new guidelines. Thanks to our many years of experience and our commitment to quality, we can manufacture your products in such a way that they will continue to meet the new standard in the future.

We are ready to convert your products to the new requirements of the directives applicable from 1 March 2025. Conformity must be approved on the finished component in accordance with the Elastomer Guideline of the German Federal Environment Agency (DE). This ensures that you continue to receive high-quality solutions that meet the new requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you comply with the new regulations and ensure drinking water quality.